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Takanashi Mei

小鳥遊 芽衣

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Takanashi Mei小鳥遊 芽衣
HairBrown, Waist Length+
BodyPale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesPantyhose, Skirt Suit
PersonalityKind, Watashi
RoleBetrothed, Teacher
Subject ofDisappointment
Visual novelsSide character - JK Omuchu ♥
Voiced byYuika


The protagonist's fiancee, and Kanna's usual confidant. A trainee teacher at Kanna's school. Due to her frank personality and boyish speech pattern, as well as her disposition akin to a caring big sister, she's very popular to the students.

But she herself is poor at socializing, and is awkward at conversing. Hence, she can't create a friendly atmosphere towards her students even with her own initiative. Kanna is the only one who consults with her, but unlike classes, there's an awkward feeling due to the gap of Kanna's looks and her enthusiasm.

She and Kanna met when Kanna's mother died. She happened to see Kanna depressed that time so she consoled her, which made Kanna adore her and call her "Mei-san". She treats Kanna like a little sister.

She dreams of becoming a teacher, but was having doubts because of her personality. That time, Ren (protagonist) casually encouraged her, which helped her find the resolve to attend a university and pursue her dream. Since then, she started dating Ren. When she finally became a teacher, she also entertained the idea of getting married.

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