Edit history of Sakuragi Rumina

c62007.52021-03-14 at 18:50pppSakuragi Rumina+1
c62007.42020-06-15 at 03:54pppSakuragi Ruminah trait +2
c62007.32017-06-19 at 19:22skorpiondeathSakuragi Ruminaspecific traits for earrings and necklace, added uwabaki and loafers trait, bloomers are sport bloomers not traditional ones. tank top with naked
c62007.22017-06-12 at 06:13xg70dSakuragi Ruminaremoved makeup, added traits.
c62007.12017-06-11 at 07:47xg70dSakuragi RuminaHer name in the official site is Sakurai Rumina, but her name in game is Sakuragi Rumina. I went with Sakuragi because it's the one used in the game.