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c62400.62019-08-15 at 08:36ttmChristina Hancockadd trait
c62400.52017-10-04 at 06:18xg70dChristina Hancockforgot to edit description
c62400.42017-10-04 at 06:14xg70dChristina Hancockchanged name to how it is romanized in game. traits
c62400.32017-08-13 at 15:22xg70dCristina Hancockdescription, traits.
c62400.22017-07-10 at 14:10xg70dCristina Hancockchanged pantyhose to garter belt stockings.
c62400.12017-06-28 at 06:48xg70dCristina Hancockadded character.