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Tatiana Alexandrovna Sharapova


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Tatiana Alexandrovna Sharapovaタチアナ・アレクサンドロヴナ・シャラポヴァB
AliasesTaanya, ターニャ, Taanichika, ターニチカ, Taanyan, たーにゃん, Russia's Secret Treasure, ロシアの秘宝
MeasurementsHeight: 128cm, Weight: 24kg
Birthday2 April
HairBlond, Long, Multiple Tails, Spiky Bangs
EyesBlue, Jitome, Tsurime
BodyKid, Pale, Short (obsolete), Slim, Younger Appearance
ClothesBand-aid, Clothing with Ribbons, Flower, Hair Flower, Helmet, Lab Coat, One Piece Swimsuit, Oversized Clothing, Sandals, Shorts, Sundress, Tank Top
PersonalityGenius, Immature, Moody, Nano, Sleepyhead, Sweets Lover, Third Person
RoleCoder, Coworker, Hacker, Middle School Student, Non-blood-related Daughter, Psychologist, Russian, Tutor, Video Game Developer
Engages inComputering
Subject ofBridal Carry, Piggyback Ride
Visual novelsMain character - Ore-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru.
Voiced byHanamori Yumiri


Likes: chocolate bars, Gajigaji-kun, sour milk
Skill: napping
Role: junior programmer

Although born in Russia, Tatiana has lived in Japan since she was a child. She goes to a middle school in Hokkaido while also working as a programmer at a research institute. Despite being a super genius girl also known as "Russia's Secret Treasure", her abilities other than programming are inferior in all aspects to that of other children of her age, and her sociability and ability to take care of daily activities are on the level of a grade schooler or a kindergartener.

[Translated from the official site]