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Mari Mizuno


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Mari Mizunoマリ・ミズノ
HairParted to Side, Shoulder-length, Sidehair, Straight, White
EyesRed, Tareme
BodyKemonomimi, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesChaps, Crop Top, Decorative Belt, Panties, Scarf, Tank Top, Utility Belt
PersonalityFood Lover, Friendly, Kind, Watakushi
Engages inFighting
Visual novelsMain character - Karakara 2
Voiced byHoshika Rie


Holding ninjas in great esteem, this girl trains day and night. Leon finds her on the brink of starvation and comes to her aid, leading her to respect him greatly. She never slacks on her training, leading her to possess great physical prowess -- she makes full use of this, volunteering to guard the diner.

"Though I am a ninja, I remain but an apprentice, so I spend my days doing little more than training."