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Kitaooji Karen

北大路 可憐

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Kitaooji Karen北大路 可憐
HairGreen, Parted to Side, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Sidehair
BodySmall Breasts, Young-adult
ClothesBracelet, Dress, Pajamas, Pantyhose, Pendant Necklace, Skirt Suit, Swimsuit
PersonalityChildishly Violent, Competitive, Flustered, Hardworker, Low Self-esteem, Loyal, Naive, Pessimist, Romantic, Sharp-tongued, Short-tempered, Stubborn, Tsundere
RoleOffice Lady
Engages inDrinking, Gardening
Visual novelsMain character - Making*Lovers
Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story
> Main character - r55715:Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story Vol.01 - Deluxe Limited Edition
> Main character - r56174:Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story Vol.01 - Regular Edition
> Main character - r71448:Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story Vol.01 - Download Edition
Voiced byKitami Rikka


Can't be honest with her feelings.
Went to college with the protagonist.

Back in college, she used to be in the same club as the protagonist. They frequently ran into each other but never grew particularly close. Karen is very prideful and hates being told what she is supposed to do. However, that's just her way of compensating for her lack of self-confidence. Deep down, she's really a very kind and warm person.

[From NekoNyan]