Edit history of Farna Amadeus Fourmont

c62968.42017-07-29 at 10:01ShinnewFarna Amadeus FourmontOriginal name. link
c62968.32017-07-29 at 07:35harleyquinFarna Amadeus FourmontKatakana for Western names being what they are, at least this resembles something other than a phonetic transliteration mess.
c62968.22017-07-29 at 07:33xiticixFuaruna Amadeusu Fuorumoontocropped as best I could, wasn't any standalone without text
c62968.12017-07-29 at 07:32xiticixFuaruna Amadeusu Fuorumoontothis is the best I can make out of the girl at the top of link not sure what european language/names it is trying to mimic though, could use some