Ichinowatari Tooya

一ノ渡 遠哉

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Ichinowatari Tooya一ノ渡 遠哉 
Body, Young-adult
Personality, Friendly, Pervert
Role, Employer, Ex-boyfriend, Father, Husband, Not a Virgin, Part-time Worker
Subject of, Breakup, Debt
Visual novelsProtagonist - Hara Katsu! 2 ~Kozukuri Ecchi de Onayami Kaiketsu~
Side character - Hara Katsu! 3 ~Kozukuri Business Haigyou no Kiki!?~


Tooya is pervert that loves sex but besides being a pervert can be a decent person. He loves his job for sex but also likes the idea of helping women finally become mothers as well.

His services are almost a hobby to him because he charges fair price that is cheaper than most alternatives but is often struggling to make enough to get by. Left his last employer which was same job because he felt it was too artificial and cold lacking the human relationship to care about customer beyond just being a customer.