Takasu Yasuko

高須 泰子

Takasu Yasuko
Takasu Yasuko高須 泰子 
AliasesMirano, Ya-chan
Hair, Blond, Curly, Long, Shaggy, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Garnet
Body, E+ Cup, Young-adult
Clothes, Bathrobe, Earrings, Jacket, Latex, Mini-dress, Necklace, Shorts, Skirt Suit, Sweater, Tank Top, T-shirt, Watch
Personality, Airhead, Brave, Immature, Protective, Sleepyhead
Role, Host(ess), Mother, Not a Virgin, Single Parent
Visual novelsSide character - Toradora! Portable
Voiced byOohara Sayaka


Yasuko is Ryuuji's thirty-three-year-old mother, though she refers to herself as eternally twenty-three; she has large, F-cup-sized breasts. She works at a hostess bar named Bishamonten Kuni where she goes by the name "Mirano".