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c63645.62018-11-20 at 09:21ferustachiChiho's FatherDoes not in any sense of the word qualify as a major spoiler especially under how d12#6 defines the matter.
c63645.52018-10-30 at 17:16traumatizerChiho's Father+1
c63645.42018-09-19 at 16:29traumatizerChiho's Father>capitalizes the "grandmother" in one of the characters >yet can't stay consistent and capitalize the other names too lol
c63645.32018-08-17 at 16:33sy74kyaChiho's fatherOnly appears in Chiho's route
c63645.22017-08-21 at 04:57galtosk1Chiho's fatherVN Role
c63645.12017-08-21 at 04:49galtosk1Chiho's fatherNew character