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Dante Falzone


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Dante Falzoneダンテ・ファルツォーネA
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
Birthday17 September
HairGrey, Short
ClothesCoat, Fedora, Gloves, Necktie, Scarf, Trousers, Vest
PersonalityOre, Refined, Sweets Lover
Visual novelsMain character - Piofiore no Banshou
Main character - Piofiore no Banshou -Episodio 1926-
Voiced byIshikawa Kaito


"We are men of honor, we have no intention of killing uninvolved people.

The Capo of the Falzone Family.
Despite his young age, he is the legitimate successor who has been given "Special Education for the Gifted" since his youth. Two years ago his father died and he took over as the Capo.
He is often seen as cool-headed, however he deeply cares for those he trusts and looks after them well.
He values bloodline & tradition more than anything.