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Amatsuka Erena

天使 英玲奈

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Amatsuka ErenaSuggestive / Tame (14)
Amatsuka Erena天使 英玲奈
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 119-56-88cm, O cup
HairBlack, Waist Length+
BodyHuge Breasts, Pale, Teen, Young-adult
ClothesBell (accessory), Bikini, Erotic Wedding Dress, Lace Garter Belt Stockings, Lace Lingerie, Micro Bikini, Pantyhose, School Uniform, Torn Pantyhose (damaged), Witch Hat
PersonalitySerious, Sharp-tongued, Tsundere
RoleChildhood Friend, Daughter, Eleventh Grader, Honor Student, Magician
Engages inCow Cosplay, Dimensional Travel, Wedding
Subject ofPregnancy
Visual novelsMain character - Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!
Voiced byYuika


Yggdrasil Magical Academy Second Year
Class: Witch

A second-year student at Yggdrasil Girls' Magical Academy. A childhood friend of the protagonist, she used to live in the same world as him, but moved to another world due to her mother's job as a witch.

Her cool, charismatic beauty and perfect grades make her one of the most popular girls in the class, but her foul mouth and occasional dumb jokes may come as a surprise. Erena specializes in dark magic, and doesn't hesitate to activate it whenever the protagonist brings up any embarrassing anecdotes from her past.

Despite being a witch, she's actually not very good at flying on her broomstick, because she tends to get distracted by the friction between her legs...