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Fujiwara Kiyoharu

藤原 清春

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Fujiwara Kiyoharu藤原 清春
RoleChristian Priest, Exorcist, Teacher
Engages inCooking
Visual novelsProtagonist - Adebana Sacrament -Seinaru Miwaza to Akuryoutsuki no Shoujo-tachi-


A priest who teaches at St. Marianne Academy on a relief basis. His church is located a short distance from the academy grounds. In public he is well-respected by both students and staff members for his serious manner and acute sense of responsibility.

He is also famous as an exorcist without peer. He is usually referred cases of women possessed by evil spirits of a lustful nature which the regular exorcists cannot handle. Despite his success and fame, he refuses all candidates who wish to acknowledge him as Master and learn under his tutelage.

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Having lived alone for much of his professional life, he's capable of maintaining his own household and keeping his dual life a secret. Because his usual "clients" tend to have lost their reason when possessed, he is conflicted when he's forced to use his exorcism powers against three students he is close to and who retain awareness of the experience throughout.