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Kamikawa Hinata

神川 ひなた

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Kamikawa Hinata神川 ひなた
HairAhoge, Pink, Waist Length+
ClothesCassock, Fingerless Gloves, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityCheerful, Friendly
RolePrecog, Student
Subject ofMalevolent Possession
Visual novelsMain character - Adebana Sacrament -Seinaru Miwaza to Akuryoutsuki no Shoujo-tachi-
Voiced byHimari


A student at St. Marianne's Academy who frequents Kiyoharu's church every morning for prayers. She is famous at the academy for the accuracy of her fortune telling and is never short of clients both inside and outside the Academy walls. Despite her natural born talents, she is always cheerful and is equally friendly to all which further adds to her popularity amongst her fellow students.

Her fortune telling method relies on a standard pack of playing cards. If she wants a question answered, she will shuffle the deck and then draw a card at random. Depending on what she "sees", she usually has an answer to her question. If it's someone else who wants a question answered, she will shuffle the deck and ask the client to draw a card which she will then interpret. Her ability is surprisingly versatile and she can even use it to tell if someone is lying to her.

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