Nonaka Saki

野仲 沙紀

Nonaka Saki
Nonaka Saki野仲 沙紀 
Hair, Blue, Long, Ponytail, Pubic Hair, Sidehair
Eyes, Blue
Body, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Bikini, Cardigan, Dress, Hair Tie, Jeans, Pendant Necklace, Tank Top, Towel, Trousers, Wedding Ring
Personality, Dishonest, Kind, Shy, Watashi
Role, Housewife, Neighbor, Not a Virgin
Engages in, Cleaning, Cooking, Drinking, Infidelity
Subject of, Pregnancy, Voyeurism
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Casual Sex, Comfort Sex, Female Ejaculation, Food Play, Handjob, Off Screen Sex, Outdoor Sex, Sex in Public Places, Sex with Others
Subject of (Sexual), Bondage Sex, Butterfly, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Missionary, Nipple Sucking, Quickie Fix, Sitting Sex, Vaginal Fingering
Visual novelsMain character - Hatsuuso ~Complete Edition~
Main character - Hatsuuso ~Sugarareta Niizuma~
Voiced byMizushima Rion


Has a shy personality, and is a little retracted.
With her husband's job change, she had a new life in an unknown land, but Saki was not worried as long as she had her husband.
It's troubled for not having a child even though is over 30 years old.
Tried hard to make a child without sucess but after her husband changed jobs that was postponed.
It's worried that her body has a problem since she couldn't get pregnant so far.
Since her husband is trying new things she started to try change herself as well.
A new encounter comes to her...