Edit history of Kamiya Akira

c64561.112018-04-26 at 05:54thewayfarerKamiya Akirawakaranai, I have been proactively applying 'many' traits to characters on this database for 2.5 years which were met with acceptable and little
c64561.102018-04-26 at 04:21wakaranaiKamiya Akirainstead of "reviewing a description" you should have looked at the picture itself. this person is depicted as young adult. his/her look reflects
c64561.92018-04-25 at 08:04thewayfarerKamiya AkiraI reviewed the trait(s) descriptions again. In conclusion, whether or not a character has a confirmed age, it's stating that age doesn't reflect
c64561.82018-04-24 at 20:31wakaranaiKamiya Akirait reflects age ok. stop enforcing your bias on the database. Reverted to revision c64561.6
c64561.72018-04-24 at 20:28thewayfarerKamiya Akira"Note that this trait only signifies the physical appearance of this character, and it may not reflect actual age." Reverted to revision c64561.5
c64561.62018-04-24 at 20:23wakaranaiKamiya Akira27 yo
c64561.52018-04-24 at 20:20thewayfarerKamiya AkiraBody traits
c64561.42018-04-24 at 19:30wakaranaiKamiya Akirainstance
c64561.32018-04-24 at 19:20wakaranaiKamiya Akiraimg, traits
c64561.22017-09-29 at 17:56prey22Kamiya Akiraadded protagonist
c64561.12017-09-29 at 17:56prey22Kamiya Akiraadded