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Adachi Kasumi

安達 香澄

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Adachi Kasumi安達 香澄
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 97-59-90cm
HairBrown, Bun, Long, Parted to Side, Straight
BodyAdult, Big Breasts, Pale
ClothesBikini, Maid's Dress, Pendant Necklace, Sailor School Uniform, Tabi, Teddy, Thigh-high Stockings, Tomesode, Towel, Wedding Ring, Zouri
PersonalityCheerful, Curious, Refined
RoleChildhood Friend, Inn Manager, Neighbor, Not a Virgin, Orphan, Wife, Yamato Nadeshiko
Engages inInfidelity
Subject ofNetorare (they are the stolen SO)
Visual novelsMain character - Mesu Ochi! Kyonyuuzuma to no Iyasare Love Onsen ~Kyonyuuzuma-tachi to Mi mo Kokoro mo Fureau Love Ero Seikatsu~
Voiced byTezuka Ryouko


The protagonist childhood friend. He once confess his feeling to her during there middle school graduation but revealed she had to move to her grandparents due to her parents death. Years later she is the owner of the inn the protagonist is staying at and has a husband who also works at the inn.