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EyesBrown, Hosome
BodyOld, Pale, Slim
ClothesAloha Shirt, Sandals, Shorts
PersonalityMysterious, Ore, Womanizer
Engages inDrugging
Visual novelsSide character - Ubai Again ~Hito no Onna, Mata Urimasu~
Side character - Ubai Ending ~Hito no Onna, Saigo made Urimasu~
Protagonist - Ubai Zero ~Saisho no Ayamachi~
Side character - Ubai ~Hito no Onna, Urimasu~


50-60 years old.

A mysterious old man whose real name, age, and history are unknown.

At Ubai, he mostly works as a director, and is a senior of Ryousuke. He's a renowned veteran in the industry, that even the company president respects him a lot.

He's slim and bony, but has a youthful body, and he himself completely shaved off his head.

Known for his legendary sex technique and large penis, but recently he's been busy rearing his possible successors, and so he's having Ryousuke appear in quite a lot of videos.

He trusts Ryousuke to an extent, and thus he doesn't say anything with the way Ryousuke does his job.

His hobby from long ago was to seduce another man's woman. He's known to have impregnated lots of wives and fiancees in the past.

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