Tobe Gyouji

都辺 暁次

Tobe Gyouji
Tobe Gyouji都辺 暁次 
Hair, Black, Short, Slicked Back
Eyes, Hosome
Body, Adult, Pale, Scar
Clothes, Lab Coat, Sandals
Personality, Boku, Manipulative
Role, Management, Veterinarian
Subject of, Sexual Dysfunction
Visual novelsSide character - Doubutsuen - Yoru


The zoo director who is also a veterinarian. He set Mishio in a trap, and made her take the female role in the zoo's night bestiality show.

To run the zoo and gain profit for himself, he makes the female caretakers appear in the bestiality show and exhibits them to wealthy or influential people who have peculiar fetishes, in exchange for money. Also, he uses his skills as a veterinarian to perform surgery on breeder animals for bestiality purposes.

Because he has an Erectile Dysfunction and can't have sex, he developed a liking for bestiality, which warped his lustful desires.

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