Edit history of Itou Yuuta

c6553.72015-05-10 at 15:42aexisItou YuutaReverting to old artwork Since a lot of people seem to dislike the new artwork.
c6553.62015-05-02 at 01:43aexisItou YuutaRemake Artwork
c6553.52013-03-18 at 18:05overmageItou Yuutaadded traits
c6553.42012-07-24 at 06:12hakuItou Yuutaname
c6553.32012-07-24 at 04:40sidvanhalenIto Yutacorrections made
c6553.22012-07-24 at 02:18sidvanhalenIto YutaCorrected Name
c6553.12012-07-23 at 18:48sidvanhalenYuta ItoCreated character page