Liavelt von Neuestein


Liavelt von Neuestein
Liavelt von Neuesteinリーアベルト・フォン・ノイエシュタイン 
AliasesPolylina the Masked Maiden
Hair, Long
Role, Actor, Mahou Shoujo, Superhero
Visual novelsMain character - Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna
Voiced byTouma Yumi


Lia was the leader of The 13 Frauleins of Darkness, the 13 servants of the Queen of Darkness. She was defeated by Yuna in the first video game. Since her defeat, she has become one of Yuna's closest friends and a powerful ally. Her alter-ego is Lia the Phoenix. Lia is also Polylina the Masked Maiden, a mask wearing, crime-fighting superheroine with her own TV show. For some reason, Yuna never figures out that her friend Lia is also her beloved Polylina. Lia (and Polylina) has a robotic pet cat named Milky, who can transform into various weapons.