Ichijouin Misaki


Ichijouin Misaki
Ichijouin Misaki条院ミサキ 
Hair, Twin Tails
Role, Police
Engages in, Investigation
Visual novelsMain character - Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna
Voiced byKoorogi Satomi


Misaki's debut appearance is at the PC-FX game Galaxy Fraulein Yuna FX: Selene of Sadness and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVA: Siren's Sadness. As an intelligence officer of the Galaxy Alliance under the codename: Selene (or Saline in ADV Films' translation) she disguises as a mysterious transfer student in Shiraokadai HS All-Girls' High School to investigate claimed charges that Yuna is trying to take over the galaxy. Later, thanks to Fraulein D's plot, she wrongfully accused Yuna for terrorizing the city and arrested her. Before Yuna's execution, she listened to positive testimonials of Yuna's friends, which caused her to realize that Yuna is truly innocent. In the nick of time, she prevented the execution, foiled Fraulein D's plan and entered into Yuna's circle of friends.

Unlike others who receive their armored suits from outside sources Misaki's armored suit is standard issue to the Galaxy Alliance. She specializes in long-range combat with her Linear Railgun, has access to secret files of the Galaxy Alliance for intelligence gathering and has the ability to teleport, one of the only characters other than Lia that can perform such a feat.