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Tanaka Gandamu

田中 眼蛇夢

Tanaka Gandamu
Tanaka Gandamu田中 眼蛇夢 B
AliasesGundam, Gundham, Ultimate Breeder
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm, Weight: 74kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 93-??-??cm
Birthday14 December
Hair, Black, Multicolored, No Bangs, Short, Slicked Back, White
Eyes, Grey, Heterochromia, Red, Sanpaku Eyes
Body, Pale, Slim, Tall, Teen
Clothes, Bandages, Belt, Coat, Jacket, Jeans, Knee-high Boots, Pendant Earring, Ring, Scarf, Swim Shorts, T-shirt
Personality, Chuunibyou, Nature Lover, Ore-sama, Protective, Shy
Role, Classmate, High School Student, Pet Owner, Rival
Engages in, Investigation, Planning
Subject of, Amnesia, Confinement, Teasing
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - New Dangan Ronpa V3 Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki
Main character - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen
Voiced byChris Tergliafera (English (Uncredited))
Sugita Tomokazu (Japanese)


As the Ultimate Breeder, there's no animal that Gundam cannot tame. He not only managed to successfully proliferate an endangered species, but it's speculated that he's even capable of holding conversations with animals. His pet hamsters - or The Four Dark Gods of Destruction, as he calls them - can often be seen peeking their eads out from under his scarf, and Gundam sincerely believes that he and his Four Dark Gods of Destruction will one day rule the world.