Edit history of Kagura Kaede

c66242.352019-11-02 at 10:38multiKagura KaedeAutomatic conversion of breast size trait to cup size field.
c66242.342019-05-24 at 15:05batooKagura Kaedemy bad ><
c66242.332019-05-23 at 21:22bakaakiKagura Kaedeedit
c66242.322019-05-23 at 12:09batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.312019-05-22 at 13:09batooKagura Kaede...
c66242.302019-05-21 at 14:11batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.292019-05-21 at 13:30batooKagura Kaede+2
c66242.282019-05-21 at 13:12batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.272019-05-20 at 22:14batooKagura Kaede+3
c66242.262019-05-20 at 21:40batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.252019-05-20 at 21:19batooKagura Kaede...
c66242.242019-05-20 at 21:17batooKagura Kaede...
c66242.232019-05-20 at 21:13batooKagura Kaede...
c66242.222019-05-20 at 20:58batooKagura Kaede+2
c66242.212019-05-20 at 20:54batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.202019-05-20 at 19:53batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.192019-05-20 at 15:12batooKagura Kaede+2
c66242.182019-05-20 at 15:10batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.172019-05-20 at 14:52batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.162019-05-20 at 14:52batooKagura Kaede+1 --> ex-member of the school athletic club but she has kept the habit of doing exercises and warm-ups to maintain her body and especially to pass
c66242.152019-05-20 at 11:17batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.142019-05-19 at 23:21batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.132019-05-19 at 22:25batooKagura Kaede...
c66242.122019-05-19 at 22:24batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.112019-05-19 at 10:17batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.102019-05-18 at 18:53batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.92019-05-18 at 18:41batooKagura KaedeUp. Muscular --> Just an athletic body, not a bodybuilder's body
c66242.82019-05-16 at 15:25batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.72019-05-15 at 22:05batooKagura Kaede+4
c66242.62019-05-15 at 20:00blueKagura KaedeAdded Traits
c66242.52019-05-15 at 19:51batooKagura Kaede+1
c66242.42018-07-01 at 09:50krykryKagura Kaedeasd
c66242.32018-03-22 at 23:00blueKagura KaedeTraits Added
c66242.22018-03-15 at 17:07traumatizerKagura Kaede+2
c66242.12017-12-08 at 16:25kight099Kagura KaedeChara.