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Yukidou Satoru

優希堂 悟

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Yukidou Satoru優希堂 悟A
Birthday22 February
HairBlond, Short
BodySlim, Tall, Young-adult
ClothesSweater, Trousers, Vest, Watch
PersonalityOre, Pessimist, Proactive, Sharp-tongued, Smart
RoleUniversity Student
Engages inBody Swap, Investigation
Subject ofConfinement, Delusion, Paranoia, Survival
Visual novelsProtagonist - Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-
Voiced byKoyasu Takehito


A young man with no memory of who he is, or why he's at SPHIA in the first place. The only vague memory he has is of him falling off the clock tower at SPHIA.