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Ooita Fumi

大分 文

Ooita Fumi大分 文
HairBrown, Long, Ponytail, Spiky Bangs
BodyPale, Young-adult
ClothesBlouse, Court Shoes, Glasses, Hair Flower, Skirt, String Ribbon Tie
ItemsStuffed Toy
RoleCoworker, Illustrator, Office Worker
Visual novelsSide character - SeaBed


"Are my plush toys a problem, too?"

An employee at Clover Design.
Fumi is Sachiko's junior from university and likes her very much, while she considers Takako her rival.

She is such a big fan of stuffed animals that she both collects them and crafts them herself.
Most recently, she's into sheep plushies.

[From Fruitbat Factory]