Edit history of Assam

c66654.92019-11-02 at 10:36multiAssamAutomatic conversion of breast size trait to cup size field.
c66654.82019-04-25 at 15:52batooAssam+1
c66654.72019-03-22 at 12:53gvbnAssamC cup
c66654.62018-05-12 at 09:43thewayfarerAssamMissed some
c66654.52018-05-12 at 09:41thewayfarerAssamExtending/fixing traits and using (old) image from website. Edit summary bug happened again, like c66653.3. I knew I should of hit refresh first.
c66654.42018-05-04 at 12:39csehoAssamtrait
c66654.32018-05-03 at 15:07csehoAssamtraits
c66654.22018-01-10 at 18:24traumatizerAssamcouple traits
c66654.12017-12-22 at 18:22kight099AssamChara.