Hair, Long, Red
Eyes, Violet
Body, Slim, Teen
Personality, Energetic, Outgoing
Role, Popular
Subject of, Teasing
Visual novelsMain character - Reska: Tales of the Blue Mist Flower


A new student that appears in Kasey’s class. She becomes the talk of the school very quickly given her looks and outgoing personality. Oddly though, despite her popularity, she prefers the company of Kasey, saying she’s ‘the truest person she knows.’ Sena is the energetic type and likes getting to know people, though oddly will only grow close to those she trusts. She’s friendly towards nearly everyone though and her odd nature makes her easy to tease at times. Is a bit lazy when it comes to school, but has a good heart and doesn’t mind helping people who she isn’t close with. Is a bit of a goofball.

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