Hair, Long, Violet
Eyes, Blue
Body, Slim, Teen
Personality, Competitive, Flustered, Immature, Smart
Visual novelsMain character - Reska: Tales of the Blue Mist Flower


A fifteen-year-old, who is in the same class as Kasey. Due to being very smart, Trina was able to skip a grade. However, she’s an outcast in her grade due to this and she herself seems to not care much for her peers. Instead she spends her time either studying or going on hikes in the mountains. Trina has a bit of a competitive streak as well, and isn’t the type to like losing. She also doesn’t have much trust for grown-ups and so school is real hard for her to get through. Despite trying to act like an adult, she is actually quite childish and can get easily flustered.

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