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Rikuzen Natsumi

陸前 なつみ

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Rikuzen Natsumi陸前 なつみ
HairBrown, Short, V Bangs
BodyPale, Slim, Small Breasts, Teen
ClothesAnkle Boots, Bunny Dress, Patterned Thigh-high Stockings, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Sailor School Uniform
PersonalityHonest, Kind, Outgoing
RoleKouhai, Living Alone, Neighbor, Tenth Grader
Visual novelsSide character - Hitomi no Rakuin 2 ~Zettai Fukahi no Shinbigan~
Voiced byKanan


A first-year student who lives close to Kouichi's and goes to the same school as Mari. She is an only child but lives by herself because of her school and sometimes feel homesick. Calls Kouichi "onii-san" and is a honest and natural girl who easily trusts the people around her.