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c68611.122019-03-19 at 02:58mysteryp0rtalAkiba HiroPretty much added the blood type. Planning on putting extra info on the other characters since the blits website relaunched showing character bios.
c68611.112018-11-26 at 16:33toshiyukiAkiba Hiro"Cheating" scenario with Yoichi
c68611.102018-11-23 at 14:17blitsgamesAkiba HiroUpdated Traits and General Info
c68611.92018-11-18 at 02:06toshiyukiAkiba Hironickname
c68611.82018-11-14 at 03:50mysteryp0rtalAkiba HiroHeight, weight, description, and extra traits
c68611.72018-11-14 at 00:13gregoryAkiba HiroTraits
c68611.62018-10-26 at 16:37toshiyukiAkiba Hirosexual traits
c68611.52018-10-12 at 16:42toshiyukiAkiba Hirocleaner portrait
c68611.42018-09-26 at 20:40gregoryAkiba HiroImage
c68611.32018-08-13 at 02:21epenthesisAkiba HiroAdded image
c68611.22018-03-10 at 13:43toshiyukiAkiba Hiroteen
c68611.12018-03-10 at 13:43toshiyukiAkiba Hirohiro