Edit history of Celeste

c68759.72019-11-02 at 10:35multiCelesteAutomatic conversion of breast size trait to cup size field.
c68759.62018-12-08 at 17:48supertaco512CelesteThought it would be appropriate for her fake rape scene (all planned by her)
c68759.52018-12-08 at 16:34supertaco512Celesteadded some sexual traits
c68759.42018-10-05 at 15:39gaazCelesteTraits
c68759.32018-09-25 at 00:12gregoryCelesteImage and descripion
c68759.22018-03-13 at 21:54mondonaterCelesteEdited Celeste character traits for Hard Work.
c68759.12018-03-13 at 19:47mondonaterCelesteAdded character Celeste to Hard Work.