Shirogane Seigi


Shirogane Seigi
Shirogane Seigiシロガネ・セイギ 
AliasesTwin Flash Guardian, Belial
Visual novelsProtagonist - Blazing Soul


A young officer belonging to the Empire. The protagonist of this story with the rank of captain, he is well-known as the "Twin Flash Guardian" who once saved the Empire from its plight.

A young man filled with beliefs and resolutions who directs his blade to all those who taint the wishful peace of his homeland and the people living there, declaring them to be "evil" in accordance with the conviction of the superb robust "justice" he brought about. Furthermore, Yamato, his direct superior officer, shares similar feelings with reverence, and is also the person Seigi aims to be equals with.

He himself is a very passionate person, but his naive stubbornness with not allowing any kinds of injustice is said to be an abnormality by his colleagues. He does not drink sake nor partake in smoking. Many believe he has no interest in any woman, but the person in question indeed does have a healthy interest in the women close to him. One of his hobbies is watching movies, especially with his preference for the action genre. He has a sweet tooth.

The Seven Sins refer to him as "Belial" for unknown reasons...

[Translated from Official Character Page]