Shiragiku Saya


Shiragiku Saya
Shiragiku Sayaシラギク・サヤ 
Visual novelsMain character - Blazing Soul


The Empire's officer with the rank of lieutenant. As a relative of the Emperor's distinguished family, Saya is a graceful and elegant Yamato Nadeshiko who is usually seen silently standing still like a flower. She has a long relationship with Seigi as they joined the Imperial army at the same time and continues to be dedicated as his aide.

In the past, she would occasionally show her masochistic side, though that may have been something concerning her birth. She no longer shows that side of her after she met Seigi.

Saya strives to carve her own path. For her to believe so, her path will be something Shirogane Seigi would surely call an ideal.

That's why, no matter what form of truth appears before her---she will absolutely not abandon Seigi. That is the determination she embraces.

[Translated from Official Character Page