Beatrice Albert

Beatrice Albert
Beatrice Albert 
Birthday19 August
Hair, Black, No Bangs
Eyes, Brown
Body, Pale, Tall
Clothes, Hairpin, Lab Coat, Sweater
Personality, Short-tempered
Role, Homosexual, Medical Student, Veterinarian
Engages in, Breakup
Visual novelsSide character - VA-11 HALL-A


Betty is a veterinarian who works at Seifar Toy Company, Deal's best friend, and a regular patron at VA-11 Hall-A.

She is a lesbian and has had numerous short-lived relationships with other women,<hidden by spoiler settings> usually ending them because of petty problems she has with her partner. Despite this, she feels she may be attracted to Deal, and asks Jill for advice about it.

Betty fosters a dislike of cybernetic enhancements. This is due to her days of studying surgery at medical school when five of her classmates used shady means to try and get cybernetic enhancements for their hands. Although she managed to talk one of them out of it, two of them lost their hands, one of them became arthritic, and another died on the operating table. According to Jill, the man responsible for hooking them up was later caught, as was covered by a news story. Betty makes a distinction that she doesn't have a problem with cybernetic prostheses, only implants that drastically improve ability rather than serving as a replacement. She feels the same way about Lilim who needlessly upgrade their bodies.