Kagami Seiji


Kagami Seiji
Kagami Seiji各務誠司 
Hair, Black, Short
Clothes, Mask, Shirt
Items, Pocket Knife
Role, Betrothed, Childhood Friend, Criminal, High School Student, Older Brother, Villain, Wealthy
Engages in, Blackmail, Rape, Sadism
Subject of, Reverse Rape, Stalking
Engages in (Sexual), Anal Sex, Anilingus, Bondage Sex, Butterfly, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Fisting, Foot Insertion, Group Sex, Incest, Mirror Sex, Missionary, Nipple Sucking, Outdoor Sex, Quickie Fix, Sex in a Vehicle, Sex in Classroom, Sex in Front of an Audience, Sex in Public Places, Sitting Sex, Sleep Sex, Standing Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Wake-up Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Armpit Sex, Bellyjob, Blowjob, Handjob, Pegging
Visual novelsProtagonist - Play! Play! Play!


A rich boy that was bored of his uneventful life. One day, while strolling around the city, he finds Mizuhara Takumi raping Haruse Ayaka. The girl screams and her pained face awakens Seiji's darker desires.
He befriends Takumi, who teaches Seiji, gives him a list of targets and sometimes helps him.