Edit history of Kamikawa Wakana

c69312.252019-11-20 at 21:04psychopatateKamikawa WakanaMoved age
c69312.242019-11-02 at 10:40multiKamikawa WakanaAutomatic extraction of cup size field from the description.
c69312.232019-05-14 at 03:12steamboatwillieKamikawa Wakananot alias(es)
c69312.222019-02-09 at 23:55bobjr2000Kamikawa Wakanaonly has 1 scene which is less than 1 hour
c69312.212018-12-16 at 22:23batooKamikawa Wakana+2
c69312.202018-12-12 at 10:35batooKamikawa Wakana+1 +desc.
c69312.192018-12-11 at 22:03batooKamikawa WakanaTeacher/Stud. relationship is a taboo so it's secret (nobody know they're bro/sis so it's not the main reason).
c69312.182018-12-11 at 20:36batooKamikawa Wakanaupd.
c69312.172018-12-04 at 18:53batooKamikawa Wakana...
c69312.162018-12-04 at 18:49batooKamikawa Wakana...
c69312.152018-12-03 at 14:56traumatizerKamikawa Wakanashe's 23 so "living alone" doesn't apply here.
c69312.142018-12-02 at 23:32batooKamikawa WakanaUpd.
c69312.132018-12-02 at 22:51batooKamikawa Wakana+2
c69312.122018-12-02 at 22:43batooKamikawa WakanaUpd. Need to ddl V.1.03 for getting her route as extra content. Sexual Abstinence : she is only interested in 2D men, protag. is the only exception.
c69312.112018-12-02 at 21:19batooKamikawa Wakana+3 traits
c69312.102018-12-02 at 18:33batooKamikawa Wakana+1 url
c69312.92018-11-29 at 17:37batooKamikawa Wakana+1 Aliases
c69312.82018-11-29 at 17:33batooKamikawa WakanaDo not really hide that she is the elder sister of Haruta, but because they have a different last name, nobody ask her their link.
c69312.72018-11-29 at 14:14traumatizerKamikawa Wakana's
c69312.62018-11-29 at 13:36batooKamikawa Wakana+1 trait
c69312.52018-11-18 at 19:19traumatizerKamikawa Wakanai'm pretty sure this moeblob from a moege doesn't have a dick, lol
c69312.42018-11-18 at 13:49uranuslairKamikawa WakanaAdd some missing trait
c69312.32018-05-14 at 15:02koichiKamikawa Wakana-1, +1
c69312.22018-03-31 at 10:00traumatizerKamikawa Wakanafix
c69312.12018-03-31 at 09:53traumatizerKamikawa Wakananew