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c6941.102017-04-08 at 17:44skorpiondeathNanahara Anna+1
c6941.92017-03-07 at 02:04cockblockulaNanahara Annaspoiler
c6941.82016-07-23 at 15:52traumatizerNanahara Anna+1 trait, link
c6941.72015-11-15 at 22:38skorpiondeathNanahara Anna+1
c6941.62015-11-15 at 21:41skorpiondeathNanahara Annatraits
c6941.52015-08-25 at 11:38traumatizerNanahara Annaspace, some traits
c6941.42015-01-21 at 07:07multiNanahara AnnaRemoving deleted traits.
c6941.32014-12-10 at 08:57timentimeagnNanahara AnnaPicture Change
c6941.22013-01-04 at 12:20takataNanahara Annamoving all chars out of stockings trait; description suggests she's a private tutor
c6941.12012-08-15 at 13:02setzerNanahara AnnaHeroine 15/18