Aoe Kuon

蒼江 紅音

Aoe Kuon
Aoe Kuon蒼江 紅音 
Hair, Blond, Braided Headband, Orange, White
Eyes, Blue, Green, Red, Tsurime
Body, Pale, Pointed Ears
Clothes, Hair Flower, Mini Hat, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform
Items, Cross
Personality, Friendly, Jealous, Kind, Refined, Smart
Role, Daughter, Dominant Partner, Familiar, Master, Mother, Ojousama, Submissive Partner, Vampire, Wife, Yuki-onna
Engages in, Seduction
Subject of, Split Personality
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Twin Blowjob, Twin Boobjob
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Sex
Visual novelsMain character - Love x Holic ~Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei~
Voiced byHimari


Taichi's classmate, a half between a vampire and a yuki-onna.
Due to her sheltered upbringing, she isn't very wary of boys nor has any prejudice against them.
She accidentally kissed with Taichi and spilled some blood in that moment, which was drank by him and awakened him to "Awakening Essence".
In order to receive it inside her body, she is told by her mother to have sex with Taichi.