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c69591.92018-05-30 at 23:41wakaranaiAmano Taichifurigana is not an alias
c69591.82018-05-28 at 16:11krykryAmano Taichihe's also infamous in school for confessing and getting turned down 20 times
c69591.72018-05-26 at 00:50krykryAmano Taichiasd
c69591.62018-05-26 at 00:42krykryAmano Taichiasd
c69591.52018-05-25 at 20:50krykryAmano Taichiasd
c69591.42018-05-18 at 22:56krykryAmano Taichiasdz
c69591.32018-05-08 at 23:16krykryAmano Taichiasd
c69591.22018-04-08 at 06:05krykryAmano Taichiasdzc
c69591.12018-04-08 at 05:31krykryAmano TaichiThe name is a guess for now since there's no kana to make sure of it. Still, this is the most likely how his name is read.