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Yuuki Isamu

悠木 勇

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Yuuki Isamu悠木 勇
BodyPale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesJacket, Jeans, Loafers, Shirt
PersonalityJealous, Kind, Ore, Pervert, Pretending, Protective, Shy, Siscon
RoleFull Brother, University Student, Younger Brother
Visual novelsProtagonist - Shinjin Hatachi no Onee-chan AV Debut!! Yuuki Rin - Nee-chan, Ikura Nandemo Ikisugi Daro...
Protagonist - Shinjin Hatachi no Onee-chan AV Debut!! Yuuki Rin 2 - Ore no Nee-chan wa Geki Iki Kyonyuu no AV Joyuu


Isamu is the younger brother of Rin. Now an university student, he lives with his older sister in the same apartment to save some money. Isamu is really happy to live with his sister because she is very kind to him. Loving her a lot, he sometimes wonders if he have a sister complex.

Some time after settling down, he worries that his sister is coming back late at night and she confesses to him that she is an AV actress.

He is not very keen to learn about his sister's activities but out of curiosity, he secretly decides to go see what kind of videos his sister turns.

He then sees the first video of his sister where the actor asks her some questions about who she is and about her past experiences. She answers and he then sees his sister taken in doggy style and in various positions, groaning of pleasure.

To his surprise, he finds his sister super exciting and starts to jerking off on her video.

Now a slave to this permanent desire, Isamu begins to have mixed feelings : the feeling of desire to see even more videos of his sister, the feeling of taking her for him alone and the feeling of protecting her ...