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Saginomiya Isumi

鷺ノ宮 伊澄

Saginomiya Isumi鷺ノ宮 伊澄O
MeasurementsHeight: 144cm, Weight: 30kg
Birthday24 September
HairParted in Middle
BodyPale, Short (obsolete), Slim, Teen
PersonalityIgnorant, Kind, Nature Lover, Old-fashioned, Refined
RoleFriend, Granddaughter, Middle School Student, Ojousama, Yamato Nadeshiko
Visual novelsMain character - Hayate no Gotoku!! Nightmare Paradise
Voiced byMatsuki Miyu


Likes: Cooking, sewing, harp, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, flower arrangement, Nagi, Nagi's manga, cats
Dislikes: Wearing modern clothes, monsters, getting wet

Nagi's best friend who is soft-spoken, kind and a good cook, and on top of that likes Nagi's manga. While she does not have an awful sense of direction, she constantly gets lost due to the fact that she is apt to forget her destination and route while exterminating demons. Also, the fact that she can disappear from peoples' eyes instantaneously only complicates the matter. However, she believes herself to be reliable and independent (a belief further enforced by the flighty nature of her mother and grandmother). She also has a habit of saying that a machine is broken when she doesn't understand how to use a machine or an electronic device such as a cell phone or a vending machine.

[From Hayate no Gotoku Wiki]