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Hiroba Mahiru

広場 まひる

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Hiroba Mahiru広場 まひる
HairRed, Shoulder-length
ClothesChoker, School Uniform
PersonalityAtashi, Cheerful, Energetic, Transgender
RoleBroadcasting Committee Member, Eleventh Grader, Student
Subject ofBullying
Visual novelsProtagonist - Negapoji Fandisk ~Hitotsu Yane no Shita de~
Protagonist - Negapoji ~Onii-chan to Yobanaide!!~


Our protagonist. An average, very feminine girl, though it was revealed she was born a boy.

Mahiru is very bright and cheerful, and she feels her emotions very strongly. She tends to laugh off her worries quite easily. She tries not to think about what happened to her, and still live as a girl.

Despite all this, she's worried about her frail-looking body.