AliasesGyof son of Igad
Body, Anthropomorphic Animal, Fur, Horns
Clothes, Hat, Sun Hat, Trousers
Items, Guitar
Visual novelsMain character - The Hayseed Knight


Gyof is -- as he will make sure to tell you at some point or another, be it relevant or not -- the son of Igad, a famous troubadour that wandered through Acazhor playing in the most important palaces. All that Igad left for Gyof was his voice and debts, however.

He claims to be Ader's only friend and supporter in his quest to become a knight... a claim that is questionable at best and dubious at most.

Bad at drinking, bad at playing, a bad influence, and a bad friend. But hey, he lets Ader live for free with him in his old run down house in Slander District.