Cindi Eglantine

Cindi Eglantine
Cindi Eglantine 
Hair, Blue
Eyes, Blue
Personality, Smart
Subject of, Death, Illness
Visual novelsMain character - Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part I : The Spy of Chichester and the Eager Tourist Guide
Makes an appearance - Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II : No Regrets For The Future
Main character - Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach
Main character - Welcome to... Chichester 3: The Devil of Chichester and the Last Day


Age : 23

Assigned to be the protagonist's tourist guide.
Too enthusiastic about her tourist job, which tends to drive customers away. It's unknown how she's kept her job, but she speculates that it's because she's the most knowledgeable tourist guide around.

She also likes to give lectures about bricks

Subject of an experiment by an unknown organisation, for unknown purposes