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c72759.62018-07-19 at 07:17thewayfarerBasteyurNever mind. It seems you can call those style "vintage" and even "hippie" sunglasses. (just searched it) Reverted to revision c72759.4
c72759.52018-07-19 at 07:16thewayfarerBasteyurThought back on it: Sunglasses are mainly outdoor wear. This on the other hand, just look like reading glasses for bookworms and judging by
c72759.42018-07-19 at 04:51wakaranaiBasteyurtrait
c72759.32018-07-19 at 04:45wakaranaiBasteyursunglasses
c72759.22018-07-19 at 04:42thewayfarerBasteyurFew visual traits
c72759.12018-07-19 at 04:38wakaranaiBasteyurnew char