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Horst von Sankt

Horst von Sankt
Horst von Sankt 
Hair, Brown, Slicked Back
Eyes, Blue
Body, Muscular, Young-adult
Personality, Blunt, Pessimist, Refined, Reserved, Serious, Taciturn
Role, Corporal, Soldier, University Student, Wealthy
Visual novelsMain character - Because We're Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~


Taciturn Noble Corporal ~ Age: 21

As the eldest child of a cabinet minister, the eyes of the nation compelled Corporal Sankt to enlist - eschewing officer training and entering as a private for propaganda purposes. When his platoon of university chums was routed and he was left in a minor leadership position, he found he had to grow very competent very quickly. His young age now stands only as a contrast to the weariness rooted deep in his bones.

Horst tolerates Elfriede's vists after realising their effect on the trench's morale, but makes little attempt to socialise with her himself. Managing to suppress his interest in her true purpose, he views her presence as no more than a tragedy waiting to happen.