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Sakurai Kyousuke

櫻井 響介

Sakurai Kyousuke櫻井 響介
Birthday4 April
EyesCentral Heterochromia, Cyan
BodyMole, Pale, Slim, Teen
RoleHigh School Student
Visual novelsProtagonist - Tokyo Chronos
Voiced byUemura Yuuto


"Keep it locked,
don't open it until I come back."

16 year-old attending high school in Shibuya.
When he wakes up, he finds himself in the "Chronos World," an empty, deserted Shibuya where time has froze.
Has a peaceful and caring personality.
While the others become suspicious of one another, he tries his best to trust them.
Back in his elementary school days, it seems that he was the leader of the 8 childhood friends, but...

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