Watanuki Kimihiro

四月一日 君尋

Watanuki Kimihiro
Watanuki Kimihiro四月一日 君尋 
Visual novelsMain character - ×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~
Voiced byFukuyama Jun


Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student plagued by his ability to see spirits. One day he stumbles, seemingly by chance, upon the wish-granting shop of Yūko Ichihara. She promises to remove his ability to see spirits if he works part-time in her shop until his work equals the worth of his wish. Since he lives by himself, he is experienced in cooking and cleaning, much to Yūko's pleasure. Besides doing domestic tasks for Yūko, Watanuki also often completes jobs of a spiritual or magical nature.