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Endou Achi

遠藤 亜智

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Endou Achi遠藤 亜智
AliasesEndo Achi, Achichi, Grovels
HairBrown, Long
BodyPale, Real Actor, Young-adult
PersonalityAltruistic, Deredere, Ignorant, Protective
RoleGang Leader, Son, Unemployed
Engages inFighting, Martial Arts, Unarmed Fighting
Visual novelsProtagonist - 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~


A man who loves Shibuya more than any other place, Achi is the former head of KOK, the most influential street clan in Shibuya. He has since left KOK and now spends his days cleaning up the streets and picking up trash. During his daily street cleaning routine, he encounters and saves a girl who was nearly shot by a man with a gun.

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